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Office Work Made Fun - via Subs Designer

I had to build out a fairly large office building interior in Unreal and it required a lot of carpet and tile surfaces. They were unique enough that I couldn't buy or reuse much and most of the reference wasn't good enough for a bitmap to material type of conversion... so Substance Designer to the rescue once again!

The project had a really short timeline, as well, so being able to pump these out at 5-15 min each was pretty awesome. Also, they're all grey-scale because the color was added in engine.

  dc   bldg99ceil1r

Good ol office ceiling tiles (and its graph below)

  dc   bldg99ceil1g
  dc   bldg99tile1r

This is a very thin marble-ish tile (graph below)

  dc   bldg99tile1g
  dc   bldg99tile2r

This was also a pretty thin tile, but it had a wood-like pattern (graph below)

  dc   bldg99tile2g
  dc   bldg99crpt1r

Lots of carpet tiles for the next images (and their graphs below each)

  dc   bldg99crpt1g
  dc   bldg99crpt2r
  dc   bldg99crpt2g
  dc   bldg99crpt4r
  dc   bldg99crpt4g
  dc   bldg99crpt5r
  dc   bldg99crpt5g
  dc   bldg99table1r

A faux-wood furniture surface (graph below)

  dc   bldg99table1g
  dc   bldg99wall1r

A fairly abstract wall panel. Seemed to be made of plastic (graph below)

  dc   bldg99wall1g
  dc   bldg99misc1r

A miscellaneous set of smaller patterns and normals in a single substance for quick exports, that I needed in odd little spots.

  dc   bldg99misc1g