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Office Ceiling Tiles and Lights

Recently, I've been working on an office building and many different materials for it. Most of them were fairly boring (berber carpet, simple floors tiles, etc) But this one was kind of fun and presented a chance to add a lot of options.
You can get the SBSAR on Gumroad here:

And see my whole set of Substances here:

  dc   ceiltturn

A quick spin in Unreal

  dc   ceiltsubs

Rendered in Substance Designer

  dc   ceiltunr2

A few variations in Unreal

  dc   ceiltunr1

(A bit too much post-process AO)

  dc   ceiltunr3

All the water stains!

  dc   ceiltsdnoht

With no height or tessellation

  dc   ceiltcombo

Color, height, normal, roughness and AO