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Fence Maker Substance

I know the subject isnt anything terribly exciting, but I wanted to see if i could build a chainlink fence (and optional tarp) completely proceduraly. Designer is simply amazing! I am still fairly new with the program, but completely addicted.
You can get the SBSAR on Gumroad here:

And see my whole set of Substances here:

  dc   fencem1

A Marmoset Toolbag turn-table

  dc   fencemsub1

A couple renders in Designer showing some customization options

  dc   fencemsub2
  dc   fencemunr1

The SBSAR in Unreal Engine

  dc   fencemunr2
  dc   fencemmarmo

A couple more Marmoset renders/turntables

  dc   fencem2

Just the tarp with a hint of the chainlink behind it.

  dc   fencemtex

Color, Height, Normal, Roughness and AO

A quick demo of the textures in use in Unreal