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Modular Tech Model Set

This is a set of models for modular environment and interior level creation. They work well for both rendered scenes and real-time game engines.
Included in the set are the following meshes in both Maya 2018 files and individual FBXs:
- 80 floor, platform and stair pieces
- 104 wall pieces (flat, hex and tube shaped)
- 58 ceiling pieces
- 34 trim pieces
- 108 barrier type pieces (gates, doors, pillars and railings)
- 28 duct pieces
- 150 decorative pieces (pipes, panels, machines, lights and more)
All meshes pivot points are set to their most useful point for placement and rotation.
Their UV's are built to a consistent texel density/scale. UV0 fits the same tiling textures size on all models and UV1 is for lightmap bakes and custom texturing.
Ceiling & floor pieces average 500 verts per 2x2 meters. Walls average 2000 verts per 2x3 m. Decorative pieces are 200-12000 verts.
This set is also available in Unreal and Unity with customizable materials on their asset stores.

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