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Metal Tech Surfaces 2

I've been on a scifi kick lately with my own projects and this is the second of a substance designer set in that theme. They were pretty fun to build and experiment with and I hope they are useful in a wide variety of projects!

You can get the SBSAR set on Gumroad here:

And see my whole set of Substances here:

  dc   metaltech2gumr

Marmoset Toolbag Renders

  dc   metaltech2marmo1turn
  dc   metaltech2marmo1
  dc   metaltech2marmo2turn
  dc   metaltech2marmo2
  dc   metaltech2marmo5turn
  dc   metaltech2marmo5
  dc   metaltech2marmo3turn
  dc   metaltech2marmo3
  dc   metaltech2marmo4turn
  dc   metaltech2marmo4
  dc   metaltech2unr1

Unreal Engine tests

  dc   metaltech2unr2
  dc   metaltech2combo

Color, height, normal, roughness and AO