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Metal Tech Surfaces

I've been on a scifi kick lately with my own projects and this is the start of a substance designer set in that theme. They were pretty fun to build and experiment with and I hope they are useful in a wide variety of projects!

You can get the SBSAR set on Gumroad here:

And see my whole set of Substances here:

  dc   metaltechgumr

Marmoset Toolbag Renders

  dc   metaltechhexwturn

Marmoset turntables and variants

  dc   metaltechmarmo1
  dc   metaltechscalebt
  dc   metaltechmarmo4
  dc   metaltechtriwturn
  dc   metaltechmarmo2
  dc   metaltechoctobturn
  dc   metaltechmarmo3
  dc   metaltechunr

A test of one of the SBSARs in Unreal

  dc   metaltechcombo

Color, height, normal, roughness and AO