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Modular Tech Environment - Unreal

I usually just make smaller prop and decor packs for Unreal, but I went for a full environment set this time. This project just kept on growing too, and ended up with more then 560 pieces.

You can find the pack here:

Everything was modeled in Maya, then sent to Substance Painter for the AO bake and wear generation. The first UV set is scaled consistently across all models, so you can easily swap out different textures or materials on the whole set. There are a lot of customization options and that made it pretty fun to put together in Unreal. It was like I built my own Lego set!

You can also find it on the Unity store here:!/content/107052

  undertow   modt1
  undertow   modt2

A sample of the ways you can customize the set.

  dc   modtech1

One of the many little levels I built while just having fun with the pieces and customization options.

  undertow   modt4

A top down environment test with the set pieces.

The marketplace demo video with a first person, 3rd person and top down sample.