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Unreal Tech Env. - Behind the Scenes

Here are some more shots of the tech environment and props I made in Unreal. It was all modeled in Maya and the AO and wear bake was done in Substance Painter.

You can see the full pack here:

I started this set by blocking out the main wall and floor pieces. Then got the scale and fit of everything in order before working out the style and then dug in for a long set of modeling all 500+ pieces. Turned out to be a pretty fun set to build levels with though.

You can also find it on the Unity store here:!/content/107052

  undertow   shot1

Wireframe - Lighting only - Normal view

  undertow   shot2

Lighting only

  undertow   shot3

Wireframe - Lighting only - Normal view

  undertow   shot4

Lighting only

  undertow   shot5

Normal view

  undertow   shot6

The previous scene exploded out a bit to show the individual pieces.

Demo video